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The Spastic Mood Swings of a Rat-Hearted Girl

Rat Momma
21 November 1984
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Rat ShootI'm Jenn. I love my rats more than I love most people.

Strengths: I am... diligent, honest, artistic, open-minded, friendly, funny in a Jenn-ish sort of way, unafraid of insects, and incredibly loyal to family.

Weaknesses: I am also... naive, moody, morbidly afraid of feet and public restrooms, known for fangirl-ish tendencies, devoid of any sense of direction, and a stress case.

Special Skills: People sometimes call me a/an... artist, writer, pianist, and expert facial contortionist. I'm also able to burp at will.

Weapons: I usually wield a/an... abnormally large ghetto booty; corrupt mind; and comfy, worn-out sneakers.

Addictions: I would need to seek psychiatric help in parting with... my rat-babies, make-up, art supplies, books, fantasy paraphernalia, and LiveJournal. (I'll never leave, no matter how dead LJ gets!)

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