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RIP Sniffle, 2008-2010 [Feb. 9th, 2010|05:14 pm]
Rat Momma
[Current Mood |depresseddevastated]

RIP SniffleMy Little Soul Rat,

I knew this day would come. I started worrying about it when we first brought you home and heard your frequent little sneezes--our "Sniffle" from the very start. The vet only gave you a month to live and insensitively suggested we take you back to the store for a "refund," but it was too late. We fell in love with you the moment we held you and decided that any time we got with you--even if it was only a few short weeks--would be wonderful. And it was. Almost two years later, I still can't believe how much I came to love you and your little sister. I've lost many other pets and a few human loved ones, but none of those losses can match the pain of your absence. Strange, that such a tiny thing could leave such a big hole in my life. I would've traded five years just to have one more with you.

When we buried you under the pomegranate tree, it was raining, and I foolishly worried about your being wet and cold down there. You always liked being warm and cozy in our big, fluffy comforters at home. I was scared to look at you before we put you in the ground--scared of what I'd see, scared of what I wouldn't see--but you were still perfect. Smooth fur, soft ears, pink tail, shiny eyes--even death couldn't ruin my memory of your being the most adorable thing I'd ever seen.

I'll miss the way your mysteriously wise, dark eyes got sleepy while you were being petted. I'll miss the wonderful way your fur always looked and smelled. I'll miss the way you'd make huge, fearless leaps just to get to anything I was eating. I'll miss watching you swiftly stash all of your favorite bits of food in your secret hiding places around the bedroom (Buffy's already raided your stash in the shoebox). I'll miss nuzzling the space between your ears and your amazingly soft, round belly. I'll miss cheering you on during the few occasions you'd get the upper hand on Buffy in a wrestling match. I'll miss seeing you cling to the cage bars with your pink little fingers, waiting to greet me after a hard day at work. I'll miss everything.

If there is a place across a bridge somewhere, I hope you're happy there. I hope there are lots of blankets for you to chew up and treats for you to stash. I hope I'll see you there again someday. And if not--if there's nothing, and you're just gone--I'm still so grateful that we had you for as long as we did. We did our best to give you the happiest little rat life possible; I only wish we could've given you more of it. Good-bye, my baby. I'll love you always.

--Rat Momma